CCTV Solution

Built on state-of-the-art Secure Video Surveillance Cloud technology, our RCVS (Cursor Cloud Video Surveillance) is an intelligent solution that keeps a keen and scrutinized eye over your business assets. Providing seamless access over multiple sites, the CCTV hardware comes with a 3 year maintenance contract with 24/7 access to all the recordings over multiple sites.

The video surveillance footage is recorded on the cloud giving you the benefit to access it from multiple devices. In case of an unscrupulous act being committed, the video surveillance immediately notifies you, giving you the upper hand and advantage in any situation.

With our cost effective solutions, this CCTV package is definitely recommended for all organizations, thereby giving you a hawk eye advantage with the video surveillance across your enterprise.

Cursor Cloud Video Surveillance is a landmark one-stop-shop solution designed to give you seamless surveillance for all your sites across the country. Utilising Secure Video Surveillance Cloud (SVSC) technology powered by Cursor's countrywide connectivity and cloud infrastructure, the system also incorporates alert-based recording at the Cloud, in addition to continuous local recording. This means that even if the NDVR (Network Digital Video Recorder) at the affected site gets completely damaged, the recording of the event which caused the alert is still available.


Offers end-to-end hassle-free services eliminating the need to coordinate with multiple vendors Preserves alert-based event feeds on the Cloud, even if the NDVR gets damaged thus providing crucial evidence for events like intrusions Connect all your locations in India, thanks to Cursor's widespread network.

Facilitates corrective action by providing immediate event alerts on email Offers access to live and archived camera feeds through a secure web-based portal.

Facilitates Business Intelligence with Analytics support Built-in 3-year AMC protects your investments.

Highly cost effective solution for video surveillance needs across the Enterprise.